Here comes the 21st Mother's Day and the fourth Mother's Day not celebrating with this beautiful lady. However distance is not a problem. With no dinner together, we still had a great time talking.

Besides being a super mum, she is also one of my best companion through the ups and downs, one of the best listener to listen to my long whine, a person to laugh together over some small jokes. I can literally spit out everything to her.

She works 24/7, with no holidays and no pay. Still, she is a dedicated mum, doing whatever she could for her children and giving them what she could.

Today is the Mother's Day on the calendar , but I will try to make every day a Mother's Day to her.

Just wait, I'll be working soon. Then you can kiss your irresponsible staffs at work goodbye.

Happy Mother's Day, mummy!! Thank you for being an awesome mum!! Stay healthy and happy and forever young!! Love you lots and miss you.

If there's another life, I would gladly be your daughter again.




Btw, according to a lot of people, we really do look alike. :P

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